About Me

My name is Alain.

I’ve been fascinated by electronics ever since I was little. I’ve been taking apart almost every electronic gadget I could lay my hands on and I have very fond memories of blowing up my father’s spare LEDs using 9 volt batteries at age 10.

For the past 40 years I thought that the design and construction of electronic gadgets was the work of genius wizards working in obscure labs. It was an art not open to us mere mortals. But things changed radically when I bought an Arduino Starter Kit in November 2015. What started out as an impulse buy made out of sheer boredom rekindled a desire to learn more about this obscure form of engineering and showed me that EE is not magic after all but a fascinating topic that nowadays occupies most of my free time.

This blog is a documentation of my thoughts and projects. Its main purpose is to document my progress and projects and to help me put some order in my thoughts and ideas.

I hope you find them as interesting as I do.