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Dew Controller – #1

Amateur astronomy is a big thing for me. I love looking at the wonders of the night sky while everyone around me is fast asleep. It helps me decompress from the stress of my day job and I find that it puts all of my “earthly woes” into perspective, once I get into the zone. I highly recommend you give it a go!

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DC Load – #2

It’s prototyping time !

We will keep it simple: we’ll restrict ourselves to the basic schematic we proposed in the first part of this series, and we won’t worry too much about which specific op-amp and transistor to use. We’ll use whatever parts we find in the bin, after all this is about proving a concept. Once we get it working, we’ll hook the circuit up to the oscilloscope and have a look at what’s going on on the inside. Should be fun, let’s go! Read More →

DC Load – #1

My home lab could definitively benefit from an electronic dummy load (EDL). I have a couple of projects on the way for which I could use one for testing purposes. One of these projects is a linear power supply, and I am sure most of you people know that hacking together something to simulate a half decent load only gets you so far. In addition, I have a plan to design a portable LiFePO4 power pack for my telescope mount where an EDL would come in very handy for testing purposes.

Google tells me that designing your own EDL is a common project for a hobbyist EE, so this should definitively be doable. Read More →